On 9th December Sven Pertens, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Asphalt Pavement Association, signed a contract which initiated the compilation of a geosynthetics manual as part of an Estonian Road Cluster project. A joint tender of TTK University of Applied Sciences and Ramboll Eesti AS was declared winner of the invitation to tender that was organised for this project.

The objective of this project is to initiate the compilation of geosynthetics literature in Estonian. In their everyday work, members of the Road Cluster have encountered bottlenecks arising from shortcomings in governing legislation as well as manuals in this field and would like to contribute to the introduction and promotion of the various uses of geosynthetics in road construction, thus enhancing economy and effectiveness in road construction. Road Cluster’s geosynthetics working group has prepared the structure and table of contents of the future manual, on the basis of which the successful joint tenderers will compile a geosynthetics manual with assistance from specialists in this field in Estonia.

The deadline for the project is July 2015 and the study will be co-funded by Enterprise Estonia and the European Regional Development Fund.

Additional information:
Märt Puust
Project Manager
Estonian Road Cluster