The Estonian Asphalt Pavement Association and the Estonian Road Cluster will organise a competition to identify the best final papers written this year by students in the field of road construction.

The aim of the competition is to improve the research and development activities of the road sector, motivate students to write their final papers on innovative topics that contribute to the development of the field, acknowledge the authors of best final papers, and improve cooperation between companies operating in the road sector and institutions of higher education.

The competition of students’ research papers is regulated by the statute available here.

Papers entered in the competition must comply with the following requirements:

1. The paper will adhere to the curriculum;
2. The paper’s topic will be related to the Road Cluster’s strategy;
3. The paper will include the reviewer’s written opinion of the paper, presented on a separate page;
4. The final paper will be submitted both digitally and on paper;
5. The paper will be written in Estonian according to the manual for the preparation of written papers issued by the TTK University of Applied Sciences or Tallinn University of Technology.

The following aspects will be considered when assessing the problem solved in the final paper:

1. Originality;
2. Topicality;
3. Novelty and innovation;
4. Quality/quantity ratio (proportion of substance and volume);
5. Applicability (applied research);
6. Other added value.

The author of the winning paper will be awarded a sum of 500 EUR. However, if the papers entered in the competition fail to comply with necessary requirements, the jury may not award the prize at all.

Additional information:

Rene Pruunsild
Development Manager
Estonian Road Cluster